Promo Codes / Coupon Codes
To redeem promo codes in our web store, you must enter the code from the email into the box labeled "promo codes" on the order request details page. Note: Many of our coupons have multiple criteria that must be reviewed manually prior to our finalizing and shipping an order. We may contact you if there is a difficulty.

Payment Types
Through our recommeded payment processor, E-xact, we can accept Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, through PayPal, you are able able to pay from your bank account, if you have one linked with your PayPal account, American Express, and also other major credit cards.

We use pre-authorization transactions for credit card payments - this type of transaction is often used by hotels or equipment rental firms to confirm that the card has sufficient open balance and to place a temporary hold on funds. When you complete the payment form on either E-xact or PayPal a "pre-auth" is created. Later, if we are able to fulfill the order and we are ready to ship the item(s), we capture the funds. This converts the pre-auth into a payment. You will get two email receipts, one at each stage. The emails look similar, however, in the details of the initial email, you can see that it is only an "authorization". During the pre-auth stage, the transaction is often listed when viewing your account on your credit card provider's website, usually it is marked differently than immediately processed transactions.

Redeeming Gift Cards
We are not able to automatically redeem Plum gift cards through our web store at this time. Our current workaround requires you to pre-authorize a hold on your credit card for the full amount, but we will only capture the net amount after gift cards (after the gift cards have been validated).

  1. To expedite the process, please email a photo of the back of the gift card(s). 
  2. Make a regular order request on the webstore.
  3. On the page titled "Confirm Your Plum Web Store Order": in the box labeled "Special Instructions, Promo-Codes, Gift Messages", please write that you wish to apply Plum gift cards to this order, and include the digits from the back of all the gift cards. 
  4. Then continue the order and pre-authorize for the full amount prior to the gift cards - this puts a hold on your credit card, but does not actually charge it.  
  5. When we process your order, we will see your note in the special instructions field. We will contact you by email to request a photo of the back of the gift card(s) for validation, if we have not already received it from Step 1.
  6. Once the gift card(s) are validated, we will recalculate your total amount and capture from your credit card the revised total after applying the gift card(s). 


Please view the Plum Web Store return policy, here.

Please view the Plum Web Store shipping page, here.

The GST and/or HST, and BC PST taxes are calculated at the final stage of the checkout to reflect the shipping or pickup destination of the item(s). For example, if an order will be shipped to Ontario, the 13% HST will be applied.

The sizing cart for our exclusive Plum, Simone, and Tobias labels is here. The sizing for other labels that we carry may vary.

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